Eric The Short (ericisshort) wrote,
Eric The Short

Change of Plans

So for whoever is concerned, I'm not coming back to the states this summer. When I started looking at it, it wasnt worth it. The change of my ticket to go home would be 600 euro alone, and I would still need to pay for another roundtrip to come back for august-december. Plus my parents wanted me to stay in Oklahoma at their house for most of the summer and I am in no financial situation to argue otherwise.

So yeah. This means, you need to come to see me (I'm talking to four people in particular but everyone who reads this is welcome). I have an amazingly comfortable guest bed and a rad ass country. We will totally live it up and fiesta as if our pants had ants in them.

So yeah, open invitation to come out, sleep for free, practice your spanglish (or espíngles), and have your own personalized tour guider person (me).

But now I gotta go pack. Because in two hours I get on a bus to go to morocco. again. Talk to you soon.
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