Eric The Short (ericisshort) wrote,
Eric The Short

Three Things

saw lost in translation again on wednesday with Laila. Havent seen it since like the second week it was out in the states. This time it sat a lot better with me. I think it was because I wasnt fritened and creeped out because of the age difference this time. It seemed so much more cute.

Yeah, and computers suck. I downloaded codecs for bit torrent from my friend in israel and now I cant watch DVDs. I have two episodes of the sopranos and an episode of southpark but in exchange for ALL of my DVDs. I tried to uninstall them but it still doesnt work. Help.

Oh and luxury cars are all fucked up here. I passed by a dealership yesterday and saw in the window a new ferrari something or other, a lamborgini diablo, and a chevy camaro. Yes you heard me, a camaro. In the back of the building they had their porche boxters and mercedes slks but the car which every spoiled middle class girl at my highschool had was right in the window. I am by no means a car fan but this is just not right.
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