Eric The Short (ericisshort) wrote,
Eric The Short

God I love this kid.

hey buddy,
morocco huh. thats funny my friend is in morocco on a missionary. what were you doing there. eric's been to africa. thats funny. so tell me how is it. yeah the girl im going to see in canada is in morooco for about month and a half. then i'll go up there and visit her. im bored. i jsut mowed my dads yard. man im tired. i called right after you gave me your number. the intl. code was wrong. hey bought our footage for a lot of money. the bought the scorpion,ant,and trashcan biut the cool ting is that they are just borriwing it. ok man well im off you take care buddy. when you go home. i miss ya cvant wait till you get here.loe-ajcb
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