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10:46pm 26/12/2004
  movie review time.

Saw this tonight with mom and dad and it was really really really good. Not without its flaws but it is pretty rad. Forget about the trailers that you've seen or whatever you've read about the plot and look at the credentials...

The writer/director's last movie was As Good As It Gets. And he is the dude that talked Matt Groening into making the Simpsons. It starts off kinda bad but stick with it-- its extremely warm and has a lot of good things to say. Adam Sandler is amazing in this and WILL win an academy award one day. Not that those mean anything but it would be a feat considering how he got his start in acting. And the main character in this movie lives on the same street as me.

so yeah, go see it.

I'll be coming down to houston on the 28th, not the 27th. My parents talked me into spending another day with them. II'm totally bored here in stillwater oklahoma but ts the least I could do concidering they are paying for my schooling and amazing life right now and brought me into the world and stuff.
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x+ update   
06:30pm 24/12/2004
  We have no lights on our house, wreath on our door, no tree in our living room, nor presents to give each other.

My parents house looks pretty normal, nothing festive at all. I have a feeling that this christmas is going to be the best ever.

No bullshit, just each other.
me = stateside   
03:46pm 19/12/2004
  flew into oklahoma yesterday. Spending some much needed time with the rents. I'll be driving down to houston on the 27th until like the 9th or 10th. Lets hang out. In the meantime, call me on my parents phone. Mine doesnt work here. 405-372-1780. Or email me or friendster me or message me or massage me. I'm only here for a little bit, but its nice to be back.  
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Election Thoughts   
05:16pm 04/11/2004
  Well the day after elections and nothing has really changed. No one ever really focused on the issues and it really came down to voting for war or no war. I wish it were that easy.

In the "most important election in history," the same amount of people as always came out to vote meaning that things have to get a lot worse before people care to make them any better.

The other side of the western world that I have seen here in spain has helped me to understand America so much more, for better AND worse, and it has really frustrated me. My mind races with world affairs and politics which both interest and frustrate me more and more every day.

Oh and I thought this was funny...

vote turnout for the fifty states, ordered by Average IQ

(1) Connecticut..................113 Kerry
(2) Massachusetts................111 Kerry
(3) New Jersey...................111 Kerry
(4) New York.....................109 Kerry
(5) Rhode Island.................107 Kerry
(6) Hawaii.......................106 Kerry
(7) Maryland.....................105 Kerry
(8) New Hampshire................105 Kerry
(9) Illinois.....................104 Bush
(10) Delaware....................103 Kerry
(11) Minnesota...................102 Kerry
(12) Vermont.....................102 Kerry
(13) Washington..................102 Kerry
(14) California..................101 Kerry
(15) Pennsylvania................101 Kerry
(16) Maine.......................100 Kerry
(17) Virginia....................100 Bush
(18) Wisconsin...................100 Kerry
(19) Colorado.....................99 Bush
(20) Iowa.........................99 undecided (Bush)
(21) Michigan.....................99 Kerry
(22) Nevada.......................99 Bush
(23) Ohio.........................99 undecided (Bush)
(24) Oregon.......................99 Kerry
(25) Alaska.......................98 Bush
(26) Florida......................98 Bush
(27) Missouri.....................98 Bush
(28) Kansas.......................96 Bush
(29) Nebraska.....................95 Bush
(30) Arizona......................94 Bush
(31) Indiana......................94 Bush
(32) Tennessee....................94 Bush
(33) North Carolina...............93 Bush
(34) West Virginia................93 Bush
(35) Arkansas.....................92 Bush
(36) Georgia......................92 Bush
(37) Kentucky.....................92 Bush
(38) New Mexico...................92 undecided (Bush)
(39) North Dakota.................92 Bush
(40) Texas........................92 Bush
(41) Alabama......................90 Bush
(42) Louisiana....................90 Bush
(43) Montana......................90 Bush
(44) Oklahoma.....................90 Bush
(45) South Dakota.................90 Bush
(46) South Carolina...............89 Bush
(47) Wyoming......................89 Bush
(48) Idaho........................87 Bush
(49) Utah.........................87 Bush
(50) Mississippi..................85 Bush
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Trimming your moustache is really easy.   
06:21pm 25/10/2004
  All you gotta do is bite the hairs. If you cant bite them, they aint long enough.  
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07:35pm 20/08/2004
  Sloan is playing houston for the first time and I'm not there.
And its cold enough to warrant a jacket here in Madrid.

Something is terrribly mixed up in the world.
its been a while without an update.   
05:47pm 05/08/2004
  I havent updated this thing in what seems like forever. But dont you worry your pretty little heads, your Eric is A-Okay. I have been having an amazing time, one of the best summers, if not THE best of my life. I have been in either spain or morocco the entire time and havent had much time for the internet. I am working on getting internet in house and once school starts up again september 1st, I will prolly be around more.

Soon I will have a summer update covering most of june and july, because it was an interesting time. But right now I am getting ready to leave tomorrow for a eleven day vacation with 5 of my close friends here to travel in van along the southern coast of spain to festivals and concerts and beach and fiesta and yeah, tons of fun.

And for those of you who dont know, jessica tantilo has moved to madrid, and now lives walking distance from my house. I found out that she was living here maybe two weeks ago and its been nice to have a houston friend here to discuss and critique spain with.

But later, more info and a load of pictures.
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Change of Plans   
08:26pm 18/06/2004
  So for whoever is concerned, I'm not coming back to the states this summer. When I started looking at it, it wasnt worth it. The change of my ticket to go home would be 600 euro alone, and I would still need to pay for another roundtrip to come back for august-december. Plus my parents wanted me to stay in Oklahoma at their house for most of the summer and I am in no financial situation to argue otherwise.

So yeah. This means, you need to come to see me (I'm talking to four people in particular but everyone who reads this is welcome). I have an amazingly comfortable guest bed and a rad ass country. We will totally live it up and fiesta as if our pants had ants in them.

So yeah, open invitation to come out, sleep for free, practice your spanglish (or espíngles), and have your own personalized tour guider person (me).

But now I gotta go pack. Because in two hours I get on a bus to go to morocco. again. Talk to you soon.
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Another weekend recap   
10:22pm 08/06/2004
  Stayed in friday night. It just wasnt a good idea to go out. So on Saturday I had to go out. Now in madrid, most of the clubs dont open till one o clock. and of course you cant show up at one, so we usually go around two. If we are on the list, we show up at about three. Saturday, I went out early, at about 12:30, because I met up with two of my Iranian friends from school to a pre-party at this really great arabic themed terrace with amazing visuals and dancers. It was free entry with one free drink and I had to make up for not fiesta-ing the night before. After that we went to pacha which is our standard spot. But the people are starting to get really snobby so I'm trying to find some new places. At 3:30, I left my friends to meet up with my roomates, Laila and Eva, for a friends birthday party. They rented out part of the VIP at a really great club, goldfield. We stayed there till it closed at seven. Walking out of a dark club into daylight never gets easy. Its pretty painful and disconcerting, especially after a great night.

laila went home, exhausted, but I wanted to stay out. Eva and I headed up gran via to this bar, that Diego and a lot of her friends were at. We got there and I was totally in shock. You take your typical spanish bar, and fill it with every type of hip/strange person you can think of. A good number of the people there looked like they could be in flock of seagulls. The best thing about the bar, is that nobody really cared what you did, as long as you were drinking. People were everywhere, on the floor, on the tables, under the tables, crammed out on the balcony and pretty much everywhere in between. I met so many people and saw a lot that I already knew. Its a lot easier to meet people now because I can speak spanish much better.

Sometime in that period at the bar, Eva disapeared, off to sleep I assume. So at 11am, I went with Diego and about 12 other peope to the house of this guy, Patxi, for a "chill-out". His house was a really great one bedroom, the penthouse of his building, with two floors, a fantastic balcony, amazing art on the walls, a great sound system, turntables, cd turntables, and a shitload of records. It was great. We danced downstairs and people took turns djing.

Diego did Special K, and it was my first time to witness anyone in that state, and I can honestly say it scared me away from that and about 20 other different drugs. About two seconds after he took the line, Diego (all 200 lbs of him) fell off the bed. And it wasnt like an "Oops, you fell off the bed" sort of thing, because he was in the middle of the bed before he "fell". I seemed to be the only one concerned but the people there said it was normal. So Diego sort of braced himself against the wall as he got up off the floor, and tried, for the next five minutes, to stand up straight in one spot. He said he was having a good time but he looked like a scared gorilla. Weird.

I ended up staying at the apartment the whole day, dancing and drinking and smoking and having a blast. Every two hours or so, people would leave for beer and cigarettes, but other than that, we just chilled in the house.People were really interested in this little american guy that was there.

I had pretty great conversations with almost everyone there but there was one guy in particular that I talked to a good bit more than everyone else. It was weird because we like almost the exact same type of music. When I asked him the standard "what type of music do you like" i expected the usual answer: house, drum'n'bass, trance, or something similar. But he told me he liked "lots of things" and then mentioned that he really likes dischord. Then at about the same time we both said "Q and not U". He was about as excited to find another person in spain who liked Q and not U. Its really unheard of around here. So for about 2 hours we threw bands back and forth, and listened to my iPod for a while. Then we found some Pavement in Patxi's record colection and later the Faint. The other people at the party didnt like Pavement but loved the Faint. It was a great time. I ended up leaving with Diego's roomate, Elena, because we live about a block away from each other. By the time we got a cab, and I helped her and her records (she was djing at a club saturday night) up six flights of stairs to her house, it was 1am. There I found another of my roommates, and walked home with her. I finally crashed at 3am after 40 hours sin dormido.

I am supposed to be going to london tomorrow to hang out with one of my friends who lives in birmingham but I just got an email from her today that says that she is getting kicked out of her house and needs to find another place to live. so I dont know what the fuck to do right now. I have a nonrefundable ticket and no place to stay in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Should I go or shouldnt I?

And in an unrelated incident, that bitch cunt i used to date and her traitor of a fuck buddy in california tried to be all nice and talk to me today. She was online but didnt have the balls to actually talk to me, so after she signed on and off a few times, he signed on and IMed me. I'm sure they got quite a giggle over who was going to actually do the honors. Why dont those fuckers just burn to death in a car accident already?
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07:47pm 03/06/2004
My weekend was incredible   
04:16pm 31/05/2004
Yes I am including wednesday because the weekend starts early in spain. We had a Birthday Party for Lore. She just turned 21 and we had a blast in the house. We had close to thirty people there at one time and we had a barbeque, with enough to feed everyone. I was just stoked that barbeques actually exist here in spain. We hung out there until about 3 when ten of us went to a hip hop club. It was funny to watch the girls try to dance hip hop (they are more acustomed to Drum & Bass). After that we left and came back to the house, for drinking and smoking. Some randoms came back with us from the club. Good Times. At 8am the door buzzed.

At the door were Laila's friends in from NYC. I helped them with their luggage and we all went in to wake up laila. Then the four of us just talked, till about 10 am. At that time they passed out and I went to school (w no sleep mind you). Blah, summer school. I got back and they were still sleeping so I slept along with them. I woke up at 11 to everyone beginning to get ready to go out. Now these new yorkers (Reuben and Lauren) know how to party. Between the three of us (laila wasnt drinking), we polished off a bottle and a half of vodka. Then we went to Arena, Goldfield, Pacha. At Pacha, Reuben was the most entertaining thing I could have imagined. Besides talking to every person that made eye contact with him, he was extremely worried about getting into the VIP. Getting in on the guestlist just wasnt good enough for him. But he talked his and all four of our ways up there by the end of the night, but even that wasnt good enough for him. He also insisted on dancing on the stage with all the club modelesque dancers. He's gay so it wasnt anything sexual. He just wanted to be the center of attention, and was for most of the night. Just as the sun was just coming up, Reuben, Lauren and I stumbled to this after hours club called After Sun. Laila was dead so she cashed out and went home. After sun was quite strange but I was just being entertained by the two characters I came with. Lauren could barely stand on her own and Reuben was just full of energy. So I was holding on to her most of the night and making sure he didnt do anything stupid. I was piss drunk too, but when there's no one else to take responsibility, I seem to do quite well with it. We were the only ones dancing in the club at first, and we really started a chain reaction, because by the time we left, most of the club was dancing. We barely made it home by 9am, smoked a couple and were dead from there on out.

Friday started for us at about 4pm when we all began to stir. We went to burger king as a sort of hangover remedy. It worked pretty well for most of us, but Rueben was pretty sick. Six hours and two bottles of Pepto later, we started to think about what we were going to do, which ended up not being much after the previous night. We went back to Pacha and did the sober thing. We came back home and the roomates, Lorena and Eva, were already getting ready for the next day. They were going to this big festival "Festimad" that I really wanted to go to but didnt have the money. They told me their friend was working there so he could sneak us all in.

I went with the two of them and Lorena's brother, Manuel. I got a grand total of 2 hours of sleep in the house and a little on the train. After we got to Festimad we went to the grocery store to by alcohol. You see here in spain you can take food and drinks and pretty much anything besides glass to a festival. We didnt buy much food but we did buy two bottles of Rum, Five liters of beer, Four Boxes of wine, and two two liter bottles of Fanta Limon. Oh and ice to keep it all cold. So from there, Eva and Lorena's friend Buba (pronounced Boob-uh) came to pick us up. My fake wristband to show security was nothing more than an orange flyer cut to size and wrapped around my arm. But it worked and we all got in. So imediately, I leave them and go watch the international noise conspiracy. They were high energy as usual and really got me going. After that I went to see Standstill, Ryan´s labelmates from Barcelona. Really good band live. Then it was the Blood Brothers, which when they started had maybe thirty people watching, but by the end had well over two thousand people jumping and dancing along with them. Great show. After that I went to see who I had come to see, The Pixies. Now that was an amazing show. Wow. They have all gotten old, like a lot older than I expected, but they still knew how to rock. I almost got trampled a couple of times and saved this drunk girl from getting trampled twice. After all of that business, I found my friends. They had found a lot of their friends, and by now it was a great party. Unfortunately for me, half the alcohol was gone. I was kinda pissed because I payed for it, but I got compensated by getting free drugs for the rest of the weekend. So then it was time for what everyone in Spain was waiting for, and what I was cringing for: Korn. Yes, everyone in Spain LOVES Korn. I guess they didnt get that memo. But yeah, the crowd was prolly 15 thousand strong and everybody was into it. I got tired of watching the band and decided to just enjoy the crowd, so I asked anyone if they wanted to get closer. Two of the girls, Ange & Virginia, decided to come. We pushed our way up to about 10 people from the barrier and just went with the crowd. I had a lot more fun in the crowd than in the back where we were originally sitting. So did they. After Korn we went back and met up with our friends. I was pretty fucked up by this time and started talking to everyone. I met a lot of really good fun people.

It was about 2am and all the bands were done, but the DJs were just getting started. We went to this circus tent playing techno and danced there for a good time. I lost Eva and Lorena but stuck with Ange, Virginia, and their friend Vincent for most of the night. We just danced and danced and danced all night long. Its really amazing the sharing that goes on with these events. If you buy a beer, you pass it around. If you pull out a joint, you pass it around. If you pull out pills, you break them up into pieces for however many friends you have around you. Its amazing and beautiful. By about five I found Eva and Lorena, and kept with them, as Ange and Virginia were leaving to go to a rave. Eva, Lorena, Manuel, and about four other people, stayed dancing there for another hour before picking up and moving to another area of people partying. This area consisted of a semi tuck made of speakers, and a DJ on top playing music. But there were hundreds of people there dancing way past the night and into the morning. At about 9 am we left and went to the Rave. It was about a half hour walk and really out in the middle of no where. We walked through tall grass for about 10 minutes before we actually got to the rave. At the rave there were four or five areas with speakers hooked up to cars and generators and whatever powere they could get. The music went out often and when that happened, people just moved to one of the other four areas. It was really really incredible. We stayed there till about two in the afternoon at which time, I went home on the train. Eva and Lorena stayed behind but I was just exhausted. I got home by about three and passed out on the couch. I was woken up at 7 by Lauren, asking me if I had a concert to go to that evening. I woke up and started freaking out. I had tickets for Paul McCartney and the doors opened at 7. So I ran around changing my clothes and trying to put a little charge on my cell phone. During all that my friend Ale called asking where I was. She was suposed to give me a ride to the show but my phone was dead, so she left without me. So I took a taxi, which was fucking 15 euros, but its my own damn fault. When I got there I got a call from my other friend who was head of security there. I had completely forgotten about the fact that he had offered to get me backstage for the concert and introduce me to McCartney. Well he said he didnt know because it was so late but he would do what he could. So he escorted me back stage and we waited near the bus. When Paul came out, he shook my hand and said "How you doing man." It was a really short oppurtunity and other than saying "I dont sign autographs," he was extremely nice. I met him right before he was going on stage, as he came out of his bus. I walked with him and he talked to me all the way until he got to the stairs to the stage (a good minute or two). I was nervous as all shit the entire time. He asked me how good my spanish was and I told him decent so showed me his list of things to say while on stage and told me to proof read it. I didnt have time for a photo because he was moving really quickly and I was kind of in shock from shaking the hand of one of the beatles. So I went back to the crowd and pushed my way pretty close to the front. He openned up with Jet and went from that right into All My Loving. He was really trying hard to speak in spanish and it was so cute. But he gave up about halfway through and spoke mostly english through the rest of the show. It was a really impressive show and I was just floored by the whole experience. Right before the first encore, I found my friend Ale and we finished the the rest of the show together. After that (a three and a half hour performance) I had no energy left. She wanted to go out for drinks and I just wanted to sleep. So she took me home. And I slept for a much needed 14 hours.

But all that got cut down to about nothing when I woke up this monday morning to find out one of the people I cared most for in the entire world is just a stupid, selfish fucking slut, worse than I could ever imagine. Yes my ex girlfriend is sleeping with my best friend in philly and has moved out to California for the summer to be with him. Shit went on with them while becky and I were still together and as far as I am concerned, the two of them can rot in hell together. I just cant believe that someone I loved so much could be such a horrible person.
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03:26pm 25/05/2004
  I decided today that people with Downs Syndrome look like Morey Eels.

That is all.
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There's nothing awful about felafel   
05:43pm 12/05/2004
  There are an abundance of turkish kebab places here in Madrid and all over spain for that matter. I dont ever participate in the whole chicken or lamb pita sandwhiches but the felafel is amazing, quick, and cheap everywhere.

Its been an interesting couple of days. Most of my friends left never to return again and I am in the process of moving two places right now. Its confusing. On monday night, my friend Katie fainted and broke her face and we had to go to three emergency rooms. After all was said and done, she got four stitches in her chin, a black eye, busted lip and an apointment to have two of her top teeth capped. Poor girl.
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10:28pm 06/05/2004
  so last night me and some of my friends were walking down a deserted spanish street on our way to a club when from out of a doorstep comes the weirdest homeless guy. He was Moroccan and really crazy, looking remarkably like Gollumn from Lord of The Rings.

He started hassling the girls I was with and I stepped in, telling him to leave us alone. Well that opened up a can of worms and suddenly I had him fucking with me. Just when I thought he had gone away, he yelled from behind us that I had dropped my wallet. Yeah of course I "dropped it" the fucker pick pocketted me and I didnt even know it. But jokes on him, the creepy bastard. I didnt have any money in it. I was shocked and embarassed that I had no clue I had just been theived, but Laila picked up the slack andproceeded to reem him out in Arabic (I dont understand Arabic but the tone of reeming is pretty much universal). He promptly appologized, gave me my wallet back and ran off. Really weird experience, but the thing that gets me is why he actually gave me back my wallet. Not that I'm complaining or anything but it just baffles me.

And this makes two times since I've been in Spain that I have been attempted to be robbed but with no bad results.

Also yesterday, I discovered with the help of a spanish friend how funny the South Park movie is in spanish. If you dont believe me, just change the language to spanish on your dvd and watch Terrance's & Phillip's's "Shut Your Fucking Face Uncle Fucker." Comic Gold.
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Lately has been weird.   
10:55pm 05/05/2004
  The days speed up and slow down without telling me and everything possible that could have happened has happened to throw me for a loop. Every now and then I get a break from the weirdness and have an extremely good time. Like this weekend, some friends in a band were in town on tour. It was good to see familiar faces and it was good to see a good band live. Quite refreshing.

I dont know what is quite going on with me lately, but I know its not my location that is getting to me. its something else. I will figure it out eventually. Like I said, its weird.
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Three Things   
01:33pm 30/04/2004
  saw lost in translation again on wednesday with Laila. Havent seen it since like the second week it was out in the states. This time it sat a lot better with me. I think it was because I wasnt fritened and creeped out because of the age difference this time. It seemed so much more cute.

Yeah, and computers suck. I downloaded codecs for bit torrent from my friend in israel and now I cant watch DVDs. I have two episodes of the sopranos and an episode of southpark but in exchange for ALL of my DVDs. I tried to uninstall them but it still doesnt work. Help.

Oh and luxury cars are all fucked up here. I passed by a dealership yesterday and saw in the window a new ferrari something or other, a lamborgini diablo, and a chevy camaro. Yes you heard me, a camaro. In the back of the building they had their porche boxters and mercedes slks but the car which every spoiled middle class girl at my highschool had was right in the window. I am by no means a car fan but this is just not right.
02:06pm 28/04/2004
  joe and I decided that the british shall from this moment forth be referred to as niggers. And england will be called niggerland.

I dont quite know why.
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this weekend was axesome   
07:40pm 27/04/2004
  yeah so I know the stereotype about "topless beaches" in europe but I thought that they were some hidden mythical treasure like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

but it turns out, its pretty much exactly like the stereotype. This past weekend, some friends and I rented a car and drove to alicante, four hours south to the mediterranean. It was a wonderful weekend. But when there is a constant parade of boobies, I tend to revert to the state of a seventh grade boy. On saturday, before I knew it, I had spent six and a half hours sitting on the beach, in my bathing suit, with all the sun on me, and no sunscreen. Bad idea. I have been in so much pain for the past couple days, but man was it worth it. What a gorgeous relaxing weekend.

(and I wasnt oggling as horribly as I've made it out to look.)

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God I love this kid.   
08:24pm 19/04/2004
  hey buddy,
morocco huh. thats funny my friend is in morocco on a missionary. what were you doing there. eric's been to africa. thats funny. so tell me how is it. yeah the girl im going to see in canada is in morooco for about month and a half. then i'll go up there and visit her. im bored. i jsut mowed my dads yard. man im tired. i called right after you gave me your number. the intl. code was wrong. hey bumfights.com bought our footage for a lot of money. the bought the scorpion,ant,and trashcan biut the cool ting is that they are just borriwing it. ok man well im off you take care buddy. when you go home. i miss ya cvant wait till you get here.loe-ajcb
...and i was being completely serious.   
08:06pm 18/04/2004
  castakitten: so what are your plans for this summer?
ericisshort: Well I definitely wanna go to california
ericisshort: and I'm going to sail in the mediteranian
ericisshort: and maybe backpack the alps
ericisshort: but other than that I dont really know.
castakitten: wow!
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