Eric The Short (ericisshort) wrote,
Eric The Short


movie review time.

Saw this tonight with mom and dad and it was really really really good. Not without its flaws but it is pretty rad. Forget about the trailers that you've seen or whatever you've read about the plot and look at the credentials...

The writer/director's last movie was As Good As It Gets. And he is the dude that talked Matt Groening into making the Simpsons. It starts off kinda bad but stick with it-- its extremely warm and has a lot of good things to say. Adam Sandler is amazing in this and WILL win an academy award one day. Not that those mean anything but it would be a feat considering how he got his start in acting. And the main character in this movie lives on the same street as me.

so yeah, go see it.

I'll be coming down to houston on the 28th, not the 27th. My parents talked me into spending another day with them. II'm totally bored here in stillwater oklahoma but ts the least I could do concidering they are paying for my schooling and amazing life right now and brought me into the world and stuff.
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