Eric The Short (ericisshort) wrote,
Eric The Short

its been a while without an update.

I havent updated this thing in what seems like forever. But dont you worry your pretty little heads, your Eric is A-Okay. I have been having an amazing time, one of the best summers, if not THE best of my life. I have been in either spain or morocco the entire time and havent had much time for the internet. I am working on getting internet in house and once school starts up again september 1st, I will prolly be around more.

Soon I will have a summer update covering most of june and july, because it was an interesting time. But right now I am getting ready to leave tomorrow for a eleven day vacation with 5 of my close friends here to travel in van along the southern coast of spain to festivals and concerts and beach and fiesta and yeah, tons of fun.

And for those of you who dont know, jessica tantilo has moved to madrid, and now lives walking distance from my house. I found out that she was living here maybe two weeks ago and its been nice to have a houston friend here to discuss and critique spain with.

But later, more info and a load of pictures.
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