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Another weekend recap

Stayed in friday night. It just wasnt a good idea to go out. So on Saturday I had to go out. Now in madrid, most of the clubs dont open till one o clock. and of course you cant show up at one, so we usually go around two. If we are on the list, we show up at about three. Saturday, I went out early, at about 12:30, because I met up with two of my Iranian friends from school to a pre-party at this really great arabic themed terrace with amazing visuals and dancers. It was free entry with one free drink and I had to make up for not fiesta-ing the night before. After that we went to pacha which is our standard spot. But the people are starting to get really snobby so I'm trying to find some new places. At 3:30, I left my friends to meet up with my roomates, Laila and Eva, for a friends birthday party. They rented out part of the VIP at a really great club, goldfield. We stayed there till it closed at seven. Walking out of a dark club into daylight never gets easy. Its pretty painful and disconcerting, especially after a great night.

laila went home, exhausted, but I wanted to stay out. Eva and I headed up gran via to this bar, that Diego and a lot of her friends were at. We got there and I was totally in shock. You take your typical spanish bar, and fill it with every type of hip/strange person you can think of. A good number of the people there looked like they could be in flock of seagulls. The best thing about the bar, is that nobody really cared what you did, as long as you were drinking. People were everywhere, on the floor, on the tables, under the tables, crammed out on the balcony and pretty much everywhere in between. I met so many people and saw a lot that I already knew. Its a lot easier to meet people now because I can speak spanish much better.

Sometime in that period at the bar, Eva disapeared, off to sleep I assume. So at 11am, I went with Diego and about 12 other peope to the house of this guy, Patxi, for a "chill-out". His house was a really great one bedroom, the penthouse of his building, with two floors, a fantastic balcony, amazing art on the walls, a great sound system, turntables, cd turntables, and a shitload of records. It was great. We danced downstairs and people took turns djing.

Diego did Special K, and it was my first time to witness anyone in that state, and I can honestly say it scared me away from that and about 20 other different drugs. About two seconds after he took the line, Diego (all 200 lbs of him) fell off the bed. And it wasnt like an "Oops, you fell off the bed" sort of thing, because he was in the middle of the bed before he "fell". I seemed to be the only one concerned but the people there said it was normal. So Diego sort of braced himself against the wall as he got up off the floor, and tried, for the next five minutes, to stand up straight in one spot. He said he was having a good time but he looked like a scared gorilla. Weird.

I ended up staying at the apartment the whole day, dancing and drinking and smoking and having a blast. Every two hours or so, people would leave for beer and cigarettes, but other than that, we just chilled in the house.People were really interested in this little american guy that was there.

I had pretty great conversations with almost everyone there but there was one guy in particular that I talked to a good bit more than everyone else. It was weird because we like almost the exact same type of music. When I asked him the standard "what type of music do you like" i expected the usual answer: house, drum'n'bass, trance, or something similar. But he told me he liked "lots of things" and then mentioned that he really likes dischord. Then at about the same time we both said "Q and not U". He was about as excited to find another person in spain who liked Q and not U. Its really unheard of around here. So for about 2 hours we threw bands back and forth, and listened to my iPod for a while. Then we found some Pavement in Patxi's record colection and later the Faint. The other people at the party didnt like Pavement but loved the Faint. It was a great time. I ended up leaving with Diego's roomate, Elena, because we live about a block away from each other. By the time we got a cab, and I helped her and her records (she was djing at a club saturday night) up six flights of stairs to her house, it was 1am. There I found another of my roommates, and walked home with her. I finally crashed at 3am after 40 hours sin dormido.

I am supposed to be going to london tomorrow to hang out with one of my friends who lives in birmingham but I just got an email from her today that says that she is getting kicked out of her house and needs to find another place to live. so I dont know what the fuck to do right now. I have a nonrefundable ticket and no place to stay in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Should I go or shouldnt I?

And in an unrelated incident, that bitch cunt i used to date and her traitor of a fuck buddy in california tried to be all nice and talk to me today. She was online but didnt have the balls to actually talk to me, so after she signed on and off a few times, he signed on and IMed me. I'm sure they got quite a giggle over who was going to actually do the honors. Why dont those fuckers just burn to death in a car accident already?
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